Sincerely With Love: Twitter’s Censoring of Minorities Must Stop

We’ve all heard the story: hypersensitive right-wing crybabies whine about censors and cry about freeze peach whenever another YouTuber gets deplatformed for calling for the total extermination of black people or another Fascist gets milkshake thrown at them for saying how much he want to rape a female politician. But if you wanna see real, ongoing examples of censorship, you don’t have to go to China to admire their great firewall; you can find a perfect example on your own backyard, Twitter (more suitably, Twatter).


This is a trans woman being banned by Twitter for abusive behavior since she…said that she feels good about herself and that TERFs can’t hurt her. Seriously, which part of this tweet is abusive? Did the morons at Twitter actually bought into the whole “TERF is a misogynist slur” bullshit? Because it’s not; Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist was coined by TERFs themselves, which they wore with pride…until people started calling them out on their shit and suddenly it’s a slur you can’t fucking say. Muh freeze peach!

Men, cis or trans, can in fact be TERFs, just like men can also be real feminists, so it’s not misogynist; saying that TERF is a slur that trans people can’t use to identify their oppressor is like saying that Nazi is a slur that people of color can’t use…or perhaps it’s Twitter’s intention, since they’ve repeatedly stressed how much they endorse Nazis who actually try to get tags like #BlackLivesDontMatter trending, while gladly oppressed and silenced anyone who dare to use the magical word  TERF. It’s fucking disgusting, it is.

But trans people aren’t the only ones being silenced: other queer people, people of color, people on the political left, or just people who are anti-fascists, had all been banned for triviality or nothing. What’s even worse is that Twitter shadowbans: the despicable and cowardly act of removing you from search or notifications, so you’re essentially banned but they don’t have to admit it, a favored tactic of underhanded chickenshits that the staffs and management of Twitter obvious are proud to be, and what fascists truly are.

Twitter’s despicable and cowardly censoring of the minorities have no place in our modern society. If you’re a leftist, you’d agree that the voice of the minorities must be heard; if you’re a right-winger who actually cares about free speech as much as you claim and not just when it suits you, then you’d have fout to the death to protect the right of anyone to speak freely even if you disagree with them…but given how much Twitter already sucks up to right-wingers, we already know you’re all full of shit to begin with.