Sincerely With Love: This Is What Free Speech Looks Like on DriveThruRPG

So the other day, I released my newest RPG title on DriveThruRPG: Police_Procedure, a satirical hack of Lasers & Feelings which parodies the tendency of Western cop drama to not only justify, but outright glorify police harassment and brutality against minorities. It’s as divisive as one can expect, with oppressed minorities and anyone with a shred of humanity cheering me on, while the pigs and the boot-lickers cried loody murders. But this is free speech, isn’t it? To have controversial opinion even when it offends people?

Not according to DriveThruRPG. Within a day my game was deplatformed, without even an explanation given. Is this unfair? Well, not really; in a Crapitalism, it’s perfectly within the right of private entities to deplatform whoever the hell they (don’t) like, despite the continued insistence of right-wingers that their freedom of speech should extend as far as they want. Curiously they never make a peep when minorities are deplatformed, only when they wanna defend bigots. It’s almost as if they’re all hypocrites, or something!


No, what’s unfair is that in an era when you can get deplatformed  for criticizing the government’s brutal treatment of their own people, medias that glorify said tyranny and brutality continued to be platformed. In other words, you only have free speech when you speak in favor of the establishment to justify its abuse of the people, but not when you speak up against it. You know who else does this? Nazi Germany under Hitler. The USSR under Stalin. Take your favorite tyrant; that’s how they would define free speech.


And that’s not all. While I was trying to figure out what happened to Police_Procedure, I realized that I had made some money from my other games when they’re still pay-what-you-want. Since I didn’t wanna jump through the hoops of PayPal, international transfer, and then bank withdrawal, I decided to send my income as a gift card to myself so I can get more RPGs. And lo and behold, DriveThruRPG blatantly threatens to steal my money if I messed up the e-mail address. Who needs to confirm if  that shit works amirite?


Praise liberty, the freedom to obey! Welcome to the Greater American Reich! This is free speech: the freedom to speak in favor of the establishment and against minorities or be silenced. This is private property: the freedom to have your hard-earned money stolen because a business is too lazy to implement the necessary safeguards. You know what to do, comrades; we’ve done it before, with pamphlets and hushed whispers, against Nazis in the Reich and CIA under McCarthy. Repeat the Signal! Circulate Police_Procedure!

Well, now they’re saying that the account wasn’t banned, that they’ve contacted me about how Police_Procedure is “under review” since much like every other hellsite, they use an automatic system instead of human brains for moderation, making it vulnerable to mass report from fragile Cuckservative broflakes. Well, below is a screenshot of what I see when I logged into my publisher account; can you tell me what’s missing in this picture? Perhaps the nice people in their Discord server for the publishers would like to chime in?


Honestly, this ain’t the first time fragile gamer dudebros came after me with lies and slander – RPGnet, RPoL, and Myth-Weavers had all done it, and I’m not at all surprised that people whose brains had been rotted by centralized social media just fell for it. I wasn’t even trying to monetize my work anymore, so I’m not gonna waste my breath defending myself against a megacorp and its cronies. So say whatever the fuck you want, believe everything you read on social media, I’m used to it and don’t give a fuck. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯